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Regalos techies

Try to keep several Clarities in regalos your inventory.
Use Fog of educo War to your advantage.
Table of contents, starting Items, since techies you regalos will use BlastOff!
Early stage of the game, the game regalos for Techies starts at the Bounty Rune fight.
3) Make sure to use Smoke of Deceit regalos effectively.Techies is regalos a hero with specific gameplay, but once you learn several tricks, you will find this hero very sibaritas sobre easy and fun solidarios to play.2) In current meta, it is very important not to allow regalos the enemy team to deny a ranged creep.Use them effectively to be regalos able to place regalos mines anywhere you want.

If you regalos are low on resources or need to get your septiembre items regalos from the base, you can suicide with the help of sentido BlastOff!
Do not leave the lane for too long.
If you feel like this trap can no longer guarantee you a kill, place several Remote Mines on top of Stasis Trap to add more sexuales damage.
vikingos If your team is having a rough time, place more mines in your jungle to protect it shell from ganks.Taunt edit, techies Squint and Laugh, techies Squint and Laugh, rare.2) Not using BlastOff!One key kill may result in a victory.1) By harassing an enemy regalos carry, you will force him to use his healing items very early into serie the laning stage.However, at some point, you have to return to the lane to get level.Keep in mind that you can use Proximity Mines for farming creep waves or even stacks in the jungle.Not only deals 300 magical damage but also silences an opponent for a total 4 seconds.Use Sentry Ward to check if the enemy team has a vision in the jungle.Find out your mistakes in Dota para 2 with the help of and start regalos winning right now!The enemy team will not be able to defend regalos tier-2 Towers in side-lanes if you will have their Shrine mined.They are very simple and effective.Not buying Sentry Wards to destroy enemy vision.

Place Proximity Mines close to trees not to allow enemies to destroy them easily.
Spoon edit, swine Powder Barrel, remote Mines edit, swine Arsenal, cart edit, swine of techies the Sunken Galley, sign edit, mark of the Taunting Swine.